Published: 06.09.2022

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Bulk bag unloader

BagMaster: the efficient way to unload bulk bags

Kubota Brabender Technologie has developed a new seal for its BagMaster unloader. In combination with its dedicated paddle mechanism, it is the ideal aid to dust-tight, safe discharging of bulk materials.

This is how the BagMaster works

The BagMaster consists of a base frame featuring a counter-rotating twin paddle mechanism, onto which the bulk bags are placed. Each of the twin paddles is raised or lowered by means of a pneumatic lifting cylinder. They generate rocking motions that move the contents of the bulk bags inside the unloader’s outlet and base section. “The paddle mechanism is the ideal aid to discharging bulk bags safely and emptying them entirely, including their corners,” Andrzej Watzlawik from the Mechanical Systems Design Engineering team at Kubota Brabender Technologie explains. The paddle mechanism can be mechanically matched to operating conditions in each case by adjusting the paddle amplitude and configuring the pulse-pause control system.

Which bulk materials can the BagMaster handle?

As far as discharging and feeding are concerned, the BagMaster can handle all bulk materials. The only requirement is they have to have free-flowing properties that enable them to be discharged from bulk bags with the aid of the auxiliary paddle mechanism.

Requirements at a glance:

  • available in bulk bags
  • free of impurities or foreign objects
  • not ignitable (caused by friction or impact)
  • no explosive properties
  • no unacceptably high wear on the unit’s components that come into contact with the bulk material
  • not liquid

Combination unit with integrated feeder

The BagMaster is also available as a combination unit featuring an integrated feeder in its superstructure. The bulk bag’s contents first of all enter the feeder and are then conveyed from there by the feed detail to the outlet, where they exit the feeder by means of gravity. The combination unit’s discharge rate can be set via the operating point – for example operating speed and vibration amplitude.

A compressed air-operated Quick Docking System (QDS), which is mounted beneath the activation surfaces, is used to ensure dust-free connection of the bag spout. The spout is clamped manually into the QDS and pneumatically tightened.

New silicone seal

To date, seals have been bonded onto the BagMaster. The new one-piece, U-shaped seal is vulcanized. Mechanical systems design engineer Watzlawik explains: “The new seal is manufactured from vulcanized silicone and makes the BagMaster absolutely leakproof and robust.” It is available in three standard sizes (280 cm, 350 cm or 420 cm in diameter).

Discharging and Refilling brochure

We provide you with an overview of our entire discharging and refilling aids portfolio in our Discharging and Refilling brochure.


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