Published: 18.12.2023

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Combined expertise also keeps challenging bulk materials flowing

The new NX Feeder

In launching the new NX Feeder NXT45M and the smaller version, the NXT26, Kubota Brabender Technologie has unveiled the first feeders in its new product range, which represents the best of both corporate worlds. The feeders combine Kubota Corporation’s tried and tested mechanical design with Brabender Technologie GmbH’s proven technology.

Major interest at POWTECH in Nuremberg

The new NX Feeder series made its debut at POWTECH from September 26 to 28 in Nuremberg. It was a popular topic of conversation and discussion at one of the most important trade fairs in Germany for Kubota Brabender Technologie, not least because, in addition to its technical performance, it also validates the path that the emerging "One Company" with its German and Japanese roots has taken. Almost exactly one year after integrating, the company has thus reached the first milestone in its joint product development endeavors - the NX feeder is the first German-Japanese product under the new Kubota Brabender Technologie brand, which complements and rounds off the company's portfolio.

Hopper geometry and agitator ensure optimum bulk material flow

The NX series combines the mechanical design of one of Kubota Corporation's most innovative gravimetric feeders with Brabender Technologie’s load cells and motors. The entire sealing system has been newly engineered. The NX feeders have a special hopper geometry with a negative wall angle and a diagonal agitator - a design that effectively prevents bridging and ensures an optimum, constant, and uniform bulk material flow. In combination with other innovative components, mass flow is optimized and a uniform screw fill level is achieved. This makes the NX Feeders particularly suitable for poor-flowing, sticky powders as well as fibers and pellets in the average feed capacity range.

NX Feeder technology now available in Europe as well

The NX Feeders are among Kubota Corporation's most important feeders in Japan and have already conquered the Asian market. With CE certification, they can now also be sold on the European market. The NX Feeder series will initially be launched featuring two products: the NXT45M twin screw feeder and its smaller sibling, the NXT26 - the T stands for "Twin Screw". The load cells for the gravimetric versions and the servo motors for the screws and agitators more than meet CE certification requirements and make the NX Feeders the right choice for a wide range of applications.

NX feeders expand the range of possible applications

The NX Feeders also appeal with a whole range of additional technical options that can be configured according to individual requirements and are therefore also a compelling first step for the joint brand towards customer focus through tangible customer benefits.

Nobuyuki Ozawa, responsible for the relaunch of the NX Feeder series at Kubota Brabender Technologie, formulates the advantages of the new product series as follows: "Last year, we prepared the NX Feeder for the European market with a large team in Duisburg. Thanks to the unique geometry of the NX series, we can now feed even more challenging products and thus significantly expand the product range for our customers."

The NX Feeder series is kicking off ...

... with two product versions, the NXT45M and the smaller NXT26, which differ mainly in terms of total bulk material storage hopper size. Both feature the following components:

  • Screw trough with negative wall angle
  • Gearbox
  • Inclined agitator in the screw trough
  • Smart motor for the agitator
  • Twin screw in the screw tube
  • Smart motor for the screw drive
  • Hopper for total bulk material storage of up to 110 dm³ (NXT45M) or up to 50 dm³ (NXT26).

The optimal feeder for sticky and bridging materials.

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